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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 17, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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good evening, i'm ama daetz. a ten-year-old girl is being remembered one day after she was killed in an apartment fire. a vigil is being held in her honor outside her home where a memorial is growing. she was trapped on the second floor. investigators are trying to find out why. tonight 22 people remain homeless. their apartments were destroyed in that fire. to pa mas ramon has more on the fire and the outpouring of support for the family who lost a loved one.
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stuffed animals and flowers have been left in front of the apartment here on mariner drive. he added one of his toys to the memorial. >> kind of let the family to know. >> this is video taken by a patser bie. this is what she died after being trapped on the second floor after the fast-moving fire devoured the structure. four other family members escaped unharmed. all six units have been condemned due to the damage. jeffrey khuarl bers tried to reach the girl by running into the broken home and he is heartbroken he failed. >> i could not save that child. i can't sleep at night. it was that close yet so far. >> chambers has a bandage now.
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he returned to gather what he needs for the next few days. she and other six families who lived in the units are housed by the red cross and given what they'll need until they find another place to live here on the island. the chief says she is overwhelmed. >> it is really hard because clothes and stuff like that and going to work and the kids go back to school and then we don't know transportation, it's just everything. >> reporter: firefighters say it's not suspicious fire they are not sure of the origin and expect to have the cause by thursday. >> search is on for two attacks on women in the mission district. take a look at the suspect. the one on the left was based on description given by a woman attacked february 2nd. man walked past her and suddenly
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begin punching her. another one was january 6th. the man threw her down and begin slamming her head on the ground. he took off when she started screaming. police are asking anyone with information about either attack to give them a call. former country music star mindy mcrecede did i sold millions of albums appears she committed suicide shoeing herself and her dog. she has struggled with drug abuse. one time boyfriend killed himself in january. she was 37 years old. >> the agent for olympic runner oscar pigs for just has cancelled future races because of the murder investigation. he is cruidz of shooting his girlfriend a model reeva steenkamp inside his home in
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south africa. his agent visited him at police station where he is being held. >> keeping i him up to date with responses on things. giving him moral support at this point in time. >> ama: they say his sponsorship that includes nike and oakley are safe for now. he made history last year by being the first double leg amputee. >> president's staff is defense mode after a rough draft was leaked to a newspaper. a leading republican is criticizing the draft the president's chief of staff says the white house hasn't proposed anything. here is the latest from washington. >> the battle over immigratio i. u.s.a. today said it received a
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leaked draft proposal that would allow illegals to get green cards in eight years and expanded an e-verify system so they can screen for illegal immigrants. marco rubio was quick to condemn the plan. he issued a statement saying that they proposed the bill would be dead on arrival in congress leaving us with a broken illegal immigration system for years to come. other republicans added their own criticisms. >> by giving advantage to those who cut in front of line for immigrants who came here legally not dealing with border security adequately, that tells us he is looking for a partisan advantage. >> does the president really want a result or another excuse to beat you were republicans? >> i hope that republicans and democrats don't get involved in some kind of typical washington back and forth side show and
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roll up their sleeves and get to work. >> president obama have warned lawmakers if they could not agree they would hear from him. >> if consulting unable to move forward in a timely fashion, i will send up a bill based on my proposal. >> a bipartisan group of senators known as the gang of eight hopes to prevent new legislation sometime in march. >> tomorrow a small but vocal group protested san francisco's ban on nude it's. they gathered at castro and market street. scott weiner wrote the nudity ban and protestors feel the ban violates their constitutional rights. federal judge sided with the city. nudists plan to appeal that ruling. >> the hunt is on for khardz and pieces of meteor rights and what they are going for -- meteors.
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>> ama: maker's mark have backed on a plan to reduce alcohol content of it's bourbon. the company decided to thin out bourbon using water. reducing alcohol content but they said fans wouldn't be able to tell the difference but customers disagreed after a backlash online. they announced today it would make 45% bourbon even if it meant shortages in the future. >> mike tyson and evander holyfield are back together. they got together in chicago to sell barbecue sauce. he decided to stop by his promo event. he forgives tyson. iron mike says she vegan but will try it out on care on the
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sticks. >> nasa has new estimates about the meteor that crashed in russia. now there is a hunt and what the earliest finds are going for on ebay. >> enjoy these sunny days. leigh glaser is up next with the accu-weather forecast. >> i'm colin rush. how out of control would josh reddick's beard get this spring? for the first time in 16 years, a mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee.
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was traveled at 460 miles an hour. people are trying to make money off the internet. here is more from russia. >> the meteor exploded in midair the force of 30 hiroshima bombs scattering blasts across the region and also scattering valuable fragments worth big money for anybody that finds them. tonight they have confirmed the first fragment found near a hole where a big chunk landed. meteor debris is worth hundred to hundred thousand dollars. so-called meteor pieces is showing up on ebay. this one is going for $490 and this one under a thousand. they don't look anything alike. >> he found a tiny rock he
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thinks is part of a meteor. he found out frozen lake. it has become a tourist attraction. >> more conspiracy folks says this is an american rocket attack or alien space invasion but others have found more divine interpretation. >> they gathered by the church and some seeking to attribute spiritual meaning to the cosmic event. the father says there are still more people visiting the hole than the church but he says god saved this village. >> ama: leigh glaser is here with our changing weather. >> we need the rain and that will be coming up the next couple of days. outside we go, live doppler showing we do have clear sky although in the north bay, santa rosa down towards novato
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reporting a little bit of light fog. it is definitely going to be with us overnight and tomorrow morning. here is a look at our live shot right now from high definition rooftop cam. well lit bay bridge right there and here is a look at current readings, 53 in oakland right now. san jose, 50. novato, 43 and 47 in santa cruz. livermore, 51 degrees and high definition east bay cam, this is the eastern side of the bay bridge right here. i have we have clear skies. fairfield, 47 and 56 in los gatos and gilroy right now. here is a look at the forecast highlights. a lot of changes coming in the next 24-48 hours. low clouds and increase fog. partly cloudy conditions and much cooler day on monday. thickening clouds leading to rain on tuesday.
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colder air ma is going to be low snow levels around the bay area. here pacific satellite you see some of the clearing and this is her the fog bank is. westerly wind is going to push that further inland this evening. also we have the clouds associated with the cold front. this is a frontal system, the low pressure system is actually what is going to bring us the rain on tuesday. as the front gets a little closer to us, get ready for a colder air mass to move over the bay area on monday and tuesday. the system is going to bring us wet weather on tuesday as well. here is a look at our timing, forecast animation beginning at 5:00 tuesday morning, just in time for that tuesday commute. you see the green on the screen indicating some moderate rain right along the edge of the frontal system. darker green shade is indicating moderate rain but by the lunchtime hour, most of that pushes on to the south. this will be a fast mover but as
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it does move through, it will bring down cold air. snow levels early wednesday morning will be around 2500 feet so higher peaks could see a light dusting. as far as wednesday is concerned it moves on out and looking at clear sky. we have a cool day on wednesday but also sunshine. low clouds and fog moving in near the bay and peninsula and coast in the 40s. upper 30s in the north and east bay locations overnight tonight. here is a look at our highs for monday. remember it will change tomorrow. cooler air mass settles in to low on 60s s replaced by the 50s. cloudy conditions developing in the afternoon for redwood city and palo alto and mountain view all sitting about 57 degrees. 55 for san francisco. in the north bay, 59 for santa rosa as well as sonoma.
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castro valley 53 and interior east bay a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures there in the upper 50s. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. cold rain for us on tuesday. we'll see a light dusting on higher peaks. then another chance of showers on thursday and then start to warm things back up over the weekend. >> ama: colin rush is doing the sports tonight. we are going to switch gears. all-star weekend, always fun. not the prettiest brand of basketball but competitive. david lee this is what you do in an all-star game. you show off. lebron off the back boards. he had 19. wade had 21. he got a two-handed slam. less than three minutes to play. kobe bryant timing the block,
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here is an easy dunk. and go to point guard, 20 points and only magic and west wins a tight one, 143-138. >> emotions getting ber of mike montgomery against usc. it happened early in the second half. a shove to the chest and richard solomon is creating some space. interesting to see the fallout. crab gets right back in the game and four and a half to play. crab catches one. down to the 15. cobb with the go ahead 3. here again, crab unstoppable after the altercation with monte. finished with 23 points. 78-76 great win for cal. >> lady gales are playing and
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she send f weekend6. 72-64, cal has won 11 street straight. >> and going to work on the bruins down low. look at those post moves. and she finished with 26. high low action with stanford add a winner. their 15th straight win over the bruins. daytona, danica patrick is the first woman for a sprint cup race. she won it just under great american race happens next sunday. >> the a's with their first full squad workout as they look to defend their crown and josh reddick he is busy defending his
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facial hair. >> my facial hair, but i'm going to try to hold on to it as long as i can. >> you don't have to worry about grooming or anything. >> that is one thing, the affordable hair. i don't see it getting too out of hand but a trim here and there. we'll see it goes from there. >> i asked about josh's beard. >> we are the a's and we have a little history with that. hey, he worked hard on it. he grew a period and he sat around and grew a period. i don't know. i'm not going to say it looks good. it's an interesting look. >> what is up with reddick's beard? >> i don't know. i don't want to see that beard in july. it's dripping and high five of him and hug him, i stay away with that. >> what about josh reddick's
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beard? >> i don't think a's fans care what he looks like. >> and. >> ama: thanks, colin. >> ama: thanks, colin. romantic comedies [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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